OmniClean New!

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Are you still cleaning floors using a pail filled with dirty water and an old germ-infested mop? Now there is a more sanitary way to do this. Introducing the Unger OmniClean floor care system. Unger OmniClean is a breakthrough dual-chamber bucket and microfiber mop floor-cleaning system. This revolutionary innovation in cleaning technology eliminates more than…

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Warehouse E-Commerce Strategies New!


Although some wholesale distributors obtain a small number of sales through their websites, a website that enables house accounts to do inquiries and place orders is not true e-commerce. And the traditional warehouse arrangement and processes may not be suitable for e-commerce, which will grow significantly (although not necessarily profitably). Those distributors who want to…

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Sustainability Prospecting for New Clients New!

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This article is not about the science or politics of sustainability, nor will it provide a detailed explanation of sustainability. Rather, this article is designed to help those in the cleaning industry prospect for business. The article will explain the driver behind sustainability reporting and identify several leading sustainability and supply chain reporting programs that…

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I Got Boostered & I’m Ready for the ISSA Show! New!

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It was my decision in April to get the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine and be a proud member of the “one and done” club. It was also my decision to get the Moderna booster shot six months later in October. It’s been two years since I attended the ISSA Show North America and I’m…

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